We are the College/Campus Ministry of New Life Church.

The PursuitWe are an awesome ministry within an awesome church. We don’t want to act like Christians, we want to be Christians. That’s not always an easy thing to manage… BUT the Bible says that participating in a good church and connecting with other solid Christian helps. That is where Pursuit comes in, we are the part of New Life Church that exist just for college age people, 18 and up.

We don’t believe in spoon-feeding theology. We encourage a “thinking faith” based in each person growing in and understanding the Word. Pursuit helps in this area through Bible studies and discussions. We seek out the Truth with workshops and the conferences both inside and outside the walls of New Life Church.

Matt Szymanski Matt Szymanski, Leader

Pursuit also encourages faith that is put into action. We participate in service projects, mission trips and other efforts that we think can make a difference in the world.

We all make mistakes. Faltering when you are all on your own can be devastating, but stumble when you have support all around you and it’s just a minor setback.

Pursuit provides an open and welcoming group where people are safe to ask questions, be real, be themselves, find support, and explore and grow in faith.

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The Pursuit

We do a lot of special events like concerts, camping trips, beach and mountain retreats, white-water rafting, movie nights, game nights, cook-off competitions … you get the idea.  Then, on a regular basis we do the stuff below.

Sunday Lunch = free home cooked meal. We do this most Sunday’s after second service. Meet us in the Lobby after church and get directions.

Elevate^= our fast paced Bible study series.  They last 4-6 weeks and we alternate between Cliff-Notes-style, broad overviews and in-depth studies.  Check in with someone to see when our next one is ramping up.

ENCOUNTER = Special services for our rising generation.  We come together with musicians from within our group and spend time worshiping God and focusing on messages that resonate with our generation.

Please email us at pursuit@newlifenc.org if you have any questions


Fun Times with YP///Pursuit

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Service Times

9:00am First Service*
11:00am Second Service*

Wednesday Nights 7:00pm

Pastors Bible Study*

Kidz Ministry // RE_NEW Youth

Elevate^ - YP///Pursuit Bible Study

*Children's Ministry available

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